Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Hey Guys.

Well, long time no see guys. Sorry i've been away for so long,  like you read on my last post, i had some problems with my own life that needed sorting out and that kind of kept me occupied for a while, and my mind was way off to even think about blogging.
But, good news is i am back. I'm a bit rusty from my hiatus but i'll try and catch you up first and foremost with what i found interesting whilst i was gone.

First, we had 5 year old drug addicts.

50 cent with his, douchy yet funny antics on twitter again. mmmmmm

Also, I found out how i much i loved Fried abortions in the morning

If you can name this Woody Allen movie, then i will give you 10 internets, Because this is one of my all time favourites.

Thats it really, I'll give you more informative posts tomorrow. this was just a little random ass post.


  1. Reminds me of this other thing where a 5 yr old's addicted to smoking cigarettes and can't quit and the parents can't stop the kid because he goes into withdrawal and freaks out

  2. sick pictures man :D
    I will never look at eggs the same way again

  3. wow, that's audacious of that kid to start doing drugs so young

  4. lol eggs aren't fertilised, they have eggs even without sex, it's more like fried period

  5. Good post! Looking forward to reading you next one

  6. Good to see you back
    You've covered everything.
    All caught up now!

  7. hahaha xD

    always thought 50cent was a douche, but atleast he has humor :D

    kinda like him now (still mostly hate him) ^^