Friday, 24 September 2010

[REC] 1&2

This isnt really a serious blog, but as the last couple of nights i havent been able to sleep till about 4/5am at night, i have been watching a range of films ranging from, "Up in the Air", "500 Days of Summer", "Oceans 13" and many more(those were just the few memorable ones). Anyways, moving on from the mainstream "Happy" movies, i moved onto movies that were more into the horror genre, generally looking to get scared, Well after watching a lot of them, none of them really got me that terrified (and yes i did actually go into the japanese horror, which i did find some scenes hard to watch but not exactly frightening). [REC] was the only film that really captured my attention the most, the scenes actually were quite convincingly real, the "possesed people" werent overly done with makeup, acting was good. It kept me on the edge of my seat every second because you knew something was going to pop out or whatnot. Though [REC]2 did lack somethings that the first movie had, all in all they were good movies to enjoy if you have nothing to do at 4am in the morning and looking for a fright.

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