Sunday, 3 October 2010


In your life, you probably had various different stages in where in that short period of time, from childhood to adulthood, you find yourself dreaming and trying to determine what your life is going to be like when you grow up.
No one can be sure about this, but the different stages you might go through might be something like this:
From ages 1-10, Your possibly thinking of being a spaceman, billionnaire or maybe even superman. Your mind at the moment is an imaginational whirlwind that keeps spiralling and twisting.

From ages 10-15: You start to get interested in different hobbies and sports etc, and you kind of start to think more realisticly, gaining idols and looking up to them as someone you want grow up to be.

From ages 15-18: The stress of reality starts to kick in and you start applying for part time jobs, trying to ignore the inevitable by partying and never studying, but when you try the lack of motivation doesn't make it happen

From 18+: the reality of your life has begun to spring into action and now you are sat in the hall about to be tested on everything that you have been taught, the dreams that you have been looking at are looking vaguely impossible. Then, a couple months later, you get the envelope.

This envelope is no ordinary envelope, its the envelope that could determine what path in life you are going to take. Whether it be your going to be in a top notch job with brilliant pay, or working for your local fast food joint.
Now, if you just believed a word i just said in that last sentence, then sorry that was all bullshit.

Inside the envelope is going to be a set of...5/6 letters? Just a set of simple letters on a simple piece of paper, and yet these letters somehow have the amazing power to turn someones life upside down in a matter of seconds and easily toy with their emotions. I have read various articles on teens like myself not having the motivation to do anything else after these sets of "letters" are given to them, maybe scarring themselves and in worse cases, even throwing themselves over buildings feeling like their not good enough.

Now i'm not saying you shouldnt still study for these letters because its worth a shot, in the best of cases you can exceed your expectations. But these letters should not be the reason you give up on your hopes and dreams, each and everyone of you are capable of more than you think. When you look at people who own multi million businesses around the world, you will probably say, "gosh he's/she's smart" well, half the time you will be suprised to know that they weren't the brightest of people to have ever embraced the earth, the only things they had with them were motivation, and imagination.

Now, with these two things combined, it will make you practically unpredictable, like they say "the skies the limit". But the problem is, with todays society, we have been brought up in such a big safe enviroment that we think nothing can go wrong, or the fact that we dont want anything to go wrong. There's a phrase that your probably very much familiar with, it goes like "you win some, you lose some" you may pass it off as one of the lamest phrases you have ever heard, but its one of the most honest phrases you will hear in your life.

Now, instead of sitting on your behind and staring into this screen with your hand on your cheek, the next 24 hours, try and reignite that passion that you have been ignoring, because of whatever reason it was thats stopping you. Whether it be the "letters" or people putting you down because you can't do it. Ignore them, just Go for it. I know its going to be hard, but motivation only comes to you when have actions to build your motivation and imagination off.

Dont live yourself in dissapointment, be happy in what your doing

P.s. Thanks for the photo comments guys! Still having trouble deciding though D:

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  1. im trying to find happiness.. so far no good ;[

  2. great post !

    following and supporting you .

  3. Eh, don't need a college degree to run a food truck P:

  4. very interesting !


  5. HEY, dang all the photos are amazing! and thanks for your words, I am with you! But well, in my country that's not the way Universities work xD BUT you have to have goooood grades to enter one that's not lame

  6. I hope you'll make many many posts about motivation, 'cause I really need some.

  7. Loved your entire post. Especially "There's a phrase that your probably very much familiar with, it goes like "you win some, you lose some" you may pass it off as one of the lamest phrases you have ever heard, but its one of the most honest phrases you will hear in your life."

    The sky really is the limit, we are put in such good positions in modern society and with the internet its so easy (atleast compared to the previous age) to head in the direction you want or try to accomplish what you wish.

    Thoughtful post, love it.

  8. Remember that occasionally, just being happy won't allow you to survive. There are many, many tough choices that have to be made. Optimism doesn't put food on the table. You have to work, regardless of whether or not you want to, but you are free to explore for happiness in other avenues of life, if your job satisfaction is low.

    Born without opportunity doesn't necessarily mean that you'll die unhappy, but being born with the proverbial silver spoon usually means that it's not that hard to achieve it, either.

  9. Well i never let those letters determine who i am and how i live my life

  10. Yeah, when you're young you just assume that you'll grow up and just like... be something. You don't realize how much effort has to go into doing something with your life

  11. EHHHHHHH i won't agree entirely with that article,but kinda yea.

  12. truly motivational...
    every child should have to read this as soon as they are able to :D

  13. Dont live yourself in disappointment, be happy in what your doing --- golden words!

  14. thanks for the inspiring post. followed.

  15. Makes me think of the infamous riddle the sphynx gave in Greek mythology. What walks on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon, three in the evening. You know the one.

  16. Let's see....

    1-10: Astronomimst and soon after that Volcanologist. Yep, I even had nerdy dreams.

    10-14: Realized both of those things are actually quite boring, got my first computer and fell in love with it, wanting to be a programmer.

    14-18: Started high school, mathematics and natural sciences, because they had good computer courses. Grades not as good as U hoped, but good enough.

    19+: Got into college, Faculty of electrial engineering and computing, now majoring in computer science. Realized programming not as dreamy when you have to work FOR someone, so slightly shifted goals towards higher level stuff like AI, .NET, etc.

    Now learning web developement and design on the side to try and earn some extra cash. Really have no idea what i wanna do, but it needs to be connected to computers and possibly games.

  17. Deep one,loved reading it

  18. I wanted to do computer science since I was like 10, then I got to college, started the degree and switched to creative writing... now I'm a struggling writer! But I'm happy!

  19. thanks for the informative post!

  20. great post

    - 'be happy in what your doing'

  21. Last year I fell into the trap of the letters, thinking what they say will ultimately decide what my future will be, however im so glad this is not the case, the sky is truly the limit in this world, full of opportunity and i love it =]

  22. Oh no guys, i'm not saying just stop working totally just to pursue the dream, i'm just saying try and give it a kickstart. The moral of the story is to be happy in what you do, just try not to be one of the people who goes into their job day in and day out into the company they despise working for, but still tolerate because they think theres no other choice. Theres always choice. Might not be easy accepting it but its there