Friday, 1 October 2010

Introduction of you

Wow, so where do i start. Hmmm well firstly, I would like to thank all of my followers and all the support you have given me so far on my blog! I read every single comment on my posts, and it makes me happy to see there are people enjoying them as much as i do writing them. So, Thank You! Love You all.

Secondly, i want to make this post as an introduction post, because mainly i've been looking through all of your guys blogs and posts, and each and everyone of you are very unique and interesting which makes me very curious, and i ask myself "who's the one with the imaginative mind who comes up with this stuff?".
Whether your one of my new, old followers or the ones who have been transferred from tumblr(by me), i want to get to know you! Doesn't matter how long it is, just give me a brief introduction like for example, Whats Your Name?, Where are you from?, Interests etc. I just want to know you and the type of person i attract to this blog.

Also for my new followers, i haven't been able to introduce myself properly to you yet, though i did make a brief introduction on one of my earlier posts, but that was so short it turned into a pointless post.
I'll try and keep this short and sweet since i read yesterday not many of you like to stay on one post for too long. Buts its ok, saves me from blubbering too much.
(Hope this doesn't sound too big headed)

Hey, I'm Tony. I am currently writing this to you from, Manchester, U.K, Bramhall to be exact. Nice little area, keeps me busy enough so i can live without having to catch a train to get Manchester itself. I was born on 13th July 1992, so i am currently 18 for the lazy ones who don't want to figure it out :) Chinese/English heritage, so yeah my eyes are kind of weird.
I have just finished college(Equivalent to high school for Americans) and now i am taking a gap year, and will hopefully lead me to visit New York pretty soon. Currently wanting to be a budding photographer, and a musician, though the musician thing isn't going as well as i want it to be, since i'm working basically 24/7 to pay for my gap year. I am very hopeful of things, which is quite a bad thing considering when things don't turn out how they could of, I'm more disappointed than others. I don't plan ahead very well, but will always sort things out last minute. So, i guess that puts me as a major procrastinator(Horrible label).
I also dream a lot, and hopefully will be able to move out to another country or just try and get away from the same old boring routine soon, and get a job that will hopefully support myself so i don't have to rely on anyone else.

So yeah, that's basically me, now its your turn! just give me a short brief introduction about you. Happy Blogging.

P.S. here's a girl i personally know. From one of my old posts. But still, if she found out i posted this she'd kill me, so enjoy!


  1. Hi tony (: nice to meet you!
    i was born a month before you :P

  2. Hey Tony, you and I sound very alike!
    I took a gap year in high school.
    So at the moment I'm repeating half a year and finishing next year.
    I want to travel to Korea to pick up the language and maybe Hong Kong too as my girlfriend speaks Cantonese and I'm Chinese myself but do not know how to speak any dialects fluently. >_>"

  3. Tony, nice to meet you.
    I'm writing this comment from the netherlands,
    from a small town near amsterdam.
    I had a gap year too last year,, and just started college/university in Haarlem. After the gap year you really want to go back to school again, cause working sucks..that is, if you're not going to travel ;) Cya at my blogs! :D

  4. I love cats :D

  5. awww shes cute, the girl in the picture is not bad either :D

  6. THanks man! you just gave me an idea for an online journal entry! an introduction of myself. cheers!

  7. You seem like a very interesting person, Tony.

    As for myself, there isn't that much to tell, really. I'm 19, live in Florida, and am a rather boring person.

    What really fascinates me is other people. I just love studying other people's minds.

  8. Michael, 19, England, doing a course in Television Production :)

  9. Nice intro but the real question is, can I call you T? :)


  11. Nice to meet you.
    That pic is great.

  12. the girl is pretty darn cute

  13. Best part of your post: the picture! :D

  14. Man I feel old :( like 10 years older

    cute girl btw and hope she doesn't find out about you posting her

  15. Nice to meet you as well.

    Nerd here

  16. awww shes cute, the girl in the picture is not bad either :D

    Had a feeling somebody would say that! lol

  17. She's a cutie :D
    Should you find yourself in New York, hit me up sir. I'm sure you'll find a way to contact me :D

  18. Great blog! Will definatly follow you

  19. the girl is hot! Just sharing daily love ;p

  20. You: "Thanks for supporting my blog."

  21. Nice to know you better :) Good luck and have fun with your girl :)

  22. hey tony. love the girl with the cute cat.

  23. Why would she be mad you posted? She's a really cute kitten!

  24. @thecatzpajamaz: nice to meet you too :D

    @keki: wow! I hope you have fun in Korea and Hong kong, ive been to hong kong a couple of times and its brilliant. Good luck in learning the language, its quite tough :S

    @Siryn: im always saying i want to go to amsterdam but never got the chance too :/ and i know what you mean working sucks.

    @gErman and Leon Fenrir: hahah yeah they are pretty cute

    @Joolamp: i'm glad i inspired you! Ill be checking it out :D

    @CS: a person who Studies and understands another persons mind isnt boring at all to me :) nice to meet you

    @M.Paynesdown: wow nice, goodluck with that. Sounds better than what im doing :p

    @Maxsteel: hahah well i dont see why not :)

    @TheGreaterSpartan: :p i wouldnt be suprised if it was

    @Telia Tuli, @James T, @!Antibiootikum, @Civoliams, @Insanegametoday, @moggets, @Blenderhead, @Ragina Vash. Thank you for all the comments about the girl x) much appreciated an nice to meet you guys too

    @Troykan: Hey there :)

    @Freshman: thank yooou!

    @ Vathir: :D hey there nerd?

    @axml: haha it sure is

    @Shebsa: thanks for the support!

    @Hivenode: sadly no :/

    @Advantage-Player: Ill tell her that :p

    @TheSquareCircle: Happy Birthday! Whenever it was ! :)

  25. Nice blog, I like your writing style, and your friend is cute

  26. Why did you write you instead of me? that's not even third person...

  27. Very good post! Keep it up!

  28. I'm a student from Germany and started blogging just recently. You could check it out of you like ;)

    oh, and that girl with the car is cute as hell :)

  29. A cute girl with a cute cat? You have all you need in life (money aside anyways)

  30. Well time is a little short for me, but my reach goes out to you. I hope to one day move to New York, actually. Besides the lice(olol) infestation, it seems amazing for my studies in art and fashion. Maybe one day... Oh and that's currently what I am doing. Cheers mate.

  31. so are you going to get lucky with that shit? by shit i mean the cat of course, and by lucky i mean pet it.

  32. Nice to meet you dude! And the girl is really cute... so is the kitty :3

  33. @Bluerad: thanks for the comment :) and she is quite the looker.

    @SHWARTZ: where did i write what what?

    @Sersons: thank you!

    @EdwardPrinceofWales: hey there prince edwards

    @GuyIncognito: wow Germany, nice place! And i will definetly check your blog out!

    @NotBlank: -.- pretty much

    @Odd Oklahoma: hahah oh i wish

    @Guy w/ gun: good luck with your studies! Might bump into out on the streets one day!

    @SaltythePirate: damn dude i have that stuff felt so cash.

    @the reviever: thanks man! Nice to meet you too :)

    @Eight rocket: well hey